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Ping Chong's "Angels of Swedenborg"


Come see me this Friday and Saturday in Ping Chong's "Angels of Swedenborg" at Williams College or 10/-27-11/13 at La Mama. It's a beautiful, haunting, witty work that relies primarily on movement and media - acclaimed when it was at BAM over 20 years ago and quite timeless. It's great to be working with the Great Jones Repertory Company once again after 7 years.


Internationally acclaimed theatrical innovator Ping Chong will recreate his signature dance theatre work ANGELS OF SWEDENBORG, which was originally commissioned by the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago in 1985. ANGELS is a multi-media meditation on the fate of modern man, caught between his material existence and spiritual aspirations. This production will feature performers from the Great Jones Repertory Company, the resident artistic company of La MaMa ETC, and will serve as the launch event of La MaMa's 50th anniversary season, as well as Ping Chong's own, 40th anniversary.


"I imagine that all of us wonder at one or many times what it would be like to go to heaven. Emanuel Swedenborg, an 18th Century scientist and philosopher, was one of the few privileged to make this journey in his lifetime. Although he embodied the European Enlightenment in many ways, Swedenborg experienced extensive visions that allowed him to travel to both heaven and hell and returned to write thirty volumes about what he discovered there. I first encountered Swedenborg through Jorge Luis Borge's singular work The Book Of Imaginary Beings. I drew inspiration from both these sources to re-imagine Swedenborg as a contemporary man caught between his longing for material comfort and spiritual attainment. The production combines dance, theatre, music and multi-media projections and features eight angels, two spirits and, of course, Swedenborg himself, cavorting in a heavenly corral of swirling white feathers."