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B’ing A Grrl Dress Rehearsal

Dress rehearsal run of "b'ing a grrl" for DanceNow/NYC Fall Festival Sep 09 at Dance Theater Workshop. Performed by Maura, Miri Park, Aretha Aoki, and Peggy Cheng. Shot on my phone.

B'ing A Grrl Dress Rehearsal from InMixedCompany on Vimeo.


Maura Nguyen Donohue Presents FRIDAYS at NOON at 92nd St. Y THIS WEEK

This Friday 1/8/10 at 12pm Maura Nguyen Donohue presents an excerpt from a new work in progress and invites artists Aretha Aoki and Tze Chun to show work as part of the FREE 92nd St. Y's "Fridays at Noon" series.


On the program are an excerpt of my newest work in progress, "I'm not coming back" - a look at keeping up, losing time, and getting lost. Performed by Maura, Aretha, Jessica Colotti, and Brian Nishii as Little Red and the Wolf.  Aretha shows "In the Woods," a duet with Vanessa Angspaugh. Argentine Tango sets the mood in the Tze Chun Dance Company’s "Sunderland". Performed by Jules Bakshi, Tony Bordonaro, Tiffany Clarke, Elisa Davis, Eileen Farrell, Ali Schechter, and Matthew Westerby.