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When You're Old Enough


When You’re Old Enough is a thought provoking autobiographical dance theater work depicting the experiences of a young woman of mixed Vietnamese and American heritage as she searches for an identity. In When You’re Old Enough Maura’s once white aligned identity receives a shattering blow in the form of a family secret.  The new found knowledge spins her into a 45 min journey through the treacherous landscape of racial alliances and personal history. 


She uncovers various reasons for choices of assimilation and denial as she returns to stories from her childhood and interweaves them with the greater life story of her mother. In her search for explanations Maura simultaneously exposes both the shame and fear she held for her Vietnamese heritage as a young girl and the developing pride that grew as she began to embrace this half as a young woman culminating in a return to her family home in central Viet Nam.

When You’re Old Enough is charged with vigorous and athletic choreography and lively depictions of various influential characters, including the opposing views of a Vietnamese aunt’s “Old Country” wisdom versus an American aunt’s xenophobic ideals.  The dance and stories co-mingle with slides and world music resulting in a stimulating multi-media journey into an understanding of “self” in a society heavily reliant on categories.